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Jess Lees

Independent Speech & Language Therapist 

Providing tailored services to children and young people aged 0-16


Welcome to Jess Lees Speech Therapy. 

I have been a qualified speech and language therapist since 2013. 

I am passionate about providing personalised and tailored services to families and sharing information about communication development. 

Offering in person services to the South Norfolk region, based in Loddon. 

Online services can be accessed from any location.


Jess Lees (Bsc Hons) 

Member of: RCSLT and ASLTIP.

HCPC registered.


Since qualifying I have worked within the NHS, supporting children/young people,  in preschool and school settings. I currently maintain my highly specialist role, supporting children with complex needs in mainstream schools and a specialist support unit (SSU). 

I have high levels of additional training and experience, supporting a range of needs, including:

  • Language delay/disorder

  • Developmental language disorder (DLD)

  • Speech delay/disorder

  • Phonological disorder

  • Autism

  • Social communication difficulties 

  • Learning difficulties 

  • Stammering 

  • Attention and listening difficulties 

  • Voice difficulties 

I can help you support your child if they are having difficulties with... 

developing their play skills

developing their attention skills

understanding what is being said to them

following instructions 

learning new words

putting words together

using the correct grammar

expressing themselves

speaking clearly 

interacting with others

speaking fluently 

Aims & Values 

We all learn best when we are relaxed and having fun... this is especially true for children. This underpins my approach to working with children/young people and their families. 

For speech therapy to be successful it relies on everyone working together to support a child and help them make progress, so working collaboratively is at the heart of my service.

I aim to help all the children/young people I work with reach their potential and help families achieve their goals.

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