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How many sessions will my child need?

How many sessions your child will need is completely individual and depends on their level of needs. Some diagnoses are life long, so having clear objectives of what you are hoping to achieve and what the end point might look like, is important.

Can a speech therapist diagnose autism?

The diagnosis of Autism requires input from multiple professionals, although Speech and Language Therapists might be a part of this, it is not a diagnosis that can be given by an SLT alone.

What is the difference between NHS and independent services?

All speech and language therapists should be registered with the RCSLT and HCPC (Governing bodies) and work on current evidence based practice. NHS is a free service available to everyone who meets their criteria. There may be waiting lists and certain cuts-offs to accessing therapy. Independent services offer similar care and therapy sessions however these are paid for. There may be shorter waiting times and more flexibility to what is offered.

Can my child also have NHS sessions?

Yes! I can work with your NHS therapist to ensure we make the best use of everyone's time and we are working towards the same goals. It is important you let both parties know, so we can work together to make the best plan for your child.

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